Basic Electronics Course book easy learning where you will learn all the most common electronic components is.
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Dear electronics repairer, 

Basic electronics course is an E book covering all common electronics components (both passive and active) found in consumer electronics equipment like LCD television and  Monitors, CRT television and Monitors, DVDs, Hi-fi systems, Power amplifiers, Switch mode power supplies(S.M.P.S) etc. 
After reading this book you will be able to identify the components using actual picture, symbol used to represent them on the circuit board, purposes it serves on the circuit, common failure modes and how to test if it is good or bad. 
The book is highly recommended for new students in electronics, those who are in the field but have difficulties in understanding how circuits works to the advanced technician who want to refresh their knowledge in basic electronics as it provides a solid foundation for those who want to major in the world of electronics repairs
The book is illustrated with Color photos to make the reader learn faster and get the concept pretty fast.Every Chapter is hyperlinked to the list of content for easy navigation within the book for those who decide to read the book directly from the computer screen,tablets and Iphones

The book is going for an introductory price of $ 14.95 USA dollars
Grab your copy NOW to avoid disappointment.


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